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Supply Chain
British Martin Christopher believes that supply chain refers to the network of upstream and downstream enterprise organizations involved in the process and activities of providing products or services to the final consumer. Ma Shihua etc to think supply chain is around the core enterprise, through to the information flow, logistics, cash flow control, starting from the procurement of raw materials, made of intermediate products and final products, and finally by the sales network products to consumers’ hands will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, until the end user together as a whole function nets chain structure. In 2001, China issued Terms of Logistics (GB/T183542001) to unify the concept of supply chain. Supply chain refers to the network chain structure formed by upstream and downstream enterprises that provide products or services to end users in the process of production and circulation. It can be found from the above concepts that supply chain is a network chain structure which has been recognized by the society.
Meaning of supply chain management
IBM supply chain management is defined as: with the help of information technology and e-commerce, will be business partners in the supply chain business process integration, so as to effectively manage from raw material procurement, product manufacturing, distribution, to the whole process of interaction to the end user, in improving customer satisfaction at the same time, reduce costs, improve the effect. In 2001, China released “Logistics Terms” (GB/T183542001) positioning supply chain management as: using computer network technology to comprehensively plan the business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow and so on in the supply chain, and to plan, organize, coordinate and control.
Combining the above concepts, the author thinks, supply chain management is a kind of thought and mode, which USES modern information technology and Internet thinking, adopt the way of cooperation to share, to the supply chain of business flow, logistics, information flow, cash flow planning, organization, coordination and control, to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of authors. Based on the concept of supply chain management, the models of supply chain management can be divided into application type and service type. The service type includes platform service type.
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