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FRP ladder is used in petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, thermal power generation, traffic roads, river banks, lakeside, courtyards, residential areas, walls, gardens and other places.

Features of FRP climbing ladder :

1, high strength and impact resistance: similar to steel strength, is four times of ordinary plastic, impact resistance and easy recovery, by the impact of the object after the elastic, can return to the original shape, tensile, bending strength of more than 600PA, the ability to prevent fatigue is about 50 times of steel.

2, corrosion resistance, in 10 percent of sulfuric acid, 20 percent of nitric acid, 50 percent of acetic acid long-term effect is not affected. No maintenance, no rust, no need to do paint every year, basically no maintenance costs.

3, good weather resistance, no oxidation rust in hot and humid state, do not fade, do not need to brush paint protection, no daily care, not afraid of lightning strike. It is also different from wood and other materials will rot, mildew phenomenon.

4, color diversity, soft color: like plastic, can have a variety of colors, easy to urban color design, no stainless steel reflective pollution.

5, light and convenient installation: the proportion of only steel 1/4, easy to install and construction.

6, anti-theft: because FRP can not be recycled and sold, reduce the possibility of stealing criminals.

FRP ladder as the city inspection shaft auxiliary facilities, for a long time, climbing material has been made of steel. However, in many harsh environmental conditions, such as manhole Wells, chemical enterprises, rainy and humid occasions, the traditional metal climbing ladder is easy to rust, affecting the use of the service life is also short.

FRP painter ladder

According to the use characteristics of climbing ladder products, the new composite materials widely used in the world, developed and produced reinforced thermosetting FRP composite climbing ladder, to overcome many shortcomings of metal climbing ladder.

Glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composites are mainly composed of glass fiber reinforced and thermosetting resin bonded to transfer load. Glass fiber tensile strength is very high (3450mpa), its content, length, laying form determines the strength of products. Thermosetting glass fiber reinforced composites can be in the range of 30-1000mpa strength. Therefore, we design the amount, length and laying form of glass fiber according to the force of the product, output, production technology, and affordability.

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