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Composite Structural Shapes For Platform In Chemical Plant

The FRP platform uses FRP round and square tubes as handrails, other profiles like angle profile, channel, I-beam, flat bars as structural support materials and FRP gratings as steps and walkways. It is suitable for areas and occasions with special requirements such as high anti-corrosion, non-conductive, anti-riot, heat insulation, resistance to damp and cold underwater and underground. FRP platform is widely used in sewage processing plants, water plants, petrochemicals, paper-making, steel manufacturing and other industries.

FRP Rebars For Swimming Pool Construction

FRP rebar is a kind of composite rebar, used to replace corroded classic steel rebar. It has higher strength than steel and lighter, It can be used in many fields, such as concrete roads, bridge decks, bridge curbs, pier covers, sidewalks, barrier walls, sound barriers, airport taxiways, water supply systems and pipes The ideal solution for treatment plants, breakwaters, docks and installations, ports, parking garages, saltworks, swimming pools, industrial areas, seawater desalination entrances, etc.

FRP Deckings for Walkways

Fiberglass decking is made from extremely fine glass fibers combined with resins to produce high-quality construction materials. FRP is being used more and more widely in bridge engineering, Ocean engineering, etc., has received extensive attention from the structural engineering community. FRP pedestrian walkway is a kind of structural profile that is convenient to install and use, And the wooden surface contributes to the wide use of FRP in the construction industry.
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