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Types of home textile fabrics

Home Textiles

There are many kinds of home textile fabrics, we now pursue high quality, high-grade home textile fabrics, sleep comfortable and other advantages, can increase the happiness of rest. Next xiaobian will introduce the relevant knowledge about the types of home textile fabrics.


1. Pure cotton fabric

Pure cotton fabric is composed of natural plant fiber, which is beneficial to human body without any stimulation when contacting with skin. With good moisture absorption, air permeability, soft texture, comfortable, excellent wear performance, good dyeing performance; Strong alkali resistance, poor acid resistance; Good heat resistance and light resistance; Poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle: mildew, but moth – resistant. Pure cotton fabric is divided into ordinary cotton fabric and combed cotton fabric, high quality household textiles use combed cotton in the majority, its cloth is delicate, smooth and clean, durable, not easy to pilling.



2. Pure pockmarked surface shaking

Pure hemp fabrics are mainly ramie cloth and linen. The advantages are good permeability, flexibility, good anti-mould performance, not easy to be affected by damp mildew, its strength, thermal conductivity and moisture absorption than cotton fabric, is the ideal material for summer household textiles. Disadvantages are rough appearance, stiff, poor dyeing.


3. Polyester/cotton blended fabric

Polyester-cotton blended fabric is a kind of textile made of polyester and cotton. Features: it not only highlights the style of polyester but also has the advantages of cotton fabric. Under dry and wet conditions, it has good elasticity and wear resistance, stable size, small shrinkage rate, straight and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, fast drying, can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water. Not easy to wrinkle, good finish, good tearing strength, but easy to pilling, easy to generate static electricity.


4. Viscose fiber fabric

Viscose fabric is divided into viscose filament fabric and viscose staple fiber fabric, which is known as rayon and artificial cotton. Viscose fiber fabric has the characteristics of soft feel, breathable and comfortable wear, bright dyeing and so on. It has good moisture absorption performance, and its moisture absorption is the best among chemical fibers. The wet strength is very low, only about 50% of the dry strength, and the shrinkage rate of the fabric is large, so it is best to pre-shrink before cutting. Ordinary viscose fabric has the characteristics of good drape of 4 degrees, poor resilience and crease resistance, so its fabric has poor shape retention and easy to produce wrinkles. Viscose fiber fabric has good acid and alkali resistance, sunlight resistance and other drug resistance.


5. Silk and cotton fabric

Silk cotton fabric is a blend of cotton and silk, with soft and comfortable texture, good smoothness, air permeability and moisture absorption, easy to wrinkle, high-end, gorgeous and expensive.


6. Natural silk fabric

All kinds of silk fabrics woven with silk as raw materials are called silk. Its breed is more, characteristic is different. Its advantage is light and thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, green, healthy, colorful, full of luster, and noble and elegant, wear comfortable. Its weakness is easy to fold, easy to suck, not strong enough, easy to fade.

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